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Leadership comes with pride, Pride Comes with great responsibility and with legitimate character.

I Manan Dani feels gratification to share my journey with you.
My maiden year as an ABVP Vice President was a delightful experience to serve my nation as a leader. Henceforth I’ve contributed two years of my graduation as ABVP Campus President and meanwhile I’ve done 3 Blood Donation camps and I feel presume because there were more than 1000 Units of Blood had been bestowed.

As a student at very young age I was a part of Anti Narcotics Club. These successful movements leads me closer towards my duty and I became Prabhari of South Gujrat BJP ITSM.

I feel honoured to share that I got chance to serve as youngest BJP ITSM State executive member at the age of 22. One of my humble social achievement was organising very fruitful pillgrimage trip for Senior Citizen to the different places of Ahmedabad. My responsible acts as a social media Incharge,I became youngest Gujarati who has verified by Twitter which added glory to the list of my achievements.

My ethos leads me towards my primary duty of serving our Nation and Motherhood. My strong values, ethics and love for my country will encourage me to serve my nation further with full dedication.I assure that one day my contribution to the society will make Bharat to Shine like a Sparkler.

This is my assurance that I will constantly being aware of my duty and will do whatever is in Great Favour of Bharat.

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